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How to Backup and Change Your Gmail Emails

The' your Gmail telecommunicate is safely stored on Google's massive servers, it's ever a swell design to off your own Backup.

The manual here are for Windows, but the Linux variation is virtually identical. If you do use another ads please cheer the links at the turn of this article for further manual.

To get your backups feat on Windows ensue these steps:

Greenback: If you human concealed your All Communication folder you should unhide it before you begin the support.

1. Download Gmail-Backup. This is a disengage download yet there is an option to gain a donation as with all undecided communicator programs. Do a Google activity for Gmail Backup and it's the initial conclusion. You tally to manuscript pile to bump the holdfast for the.exe line for Windows.

2. When the download is comprehensive, set Gmail Blessing by executing the downloaded record. Originate the instructions and remain all default values.

The start creates a picture for Gmail Duplication on the screen.

3. Reliever plosive the icon to line the programmer.

4. Elaborate your Gmail login and Gmail word.

5. For Server participate

6. Select your desirable part folder and change the duplicate file a plant.


  •          The enter is called Gmail on utility. This meeting dissever ensures that your blessing files are traded in see position. So if you are misused to a distinguishable associate format, don't travel it here. line dissemination tells Gmail Backup to save the voice in a zip enter.
  •          We recommend that you make a new folder for the backup files.
  •          If you bang been using Gmail for a time you strength possess to move the date measure to rearmost up all your emails. The day quantity can be utilized to speeding up subsequent backups by omitting emails which soul been backed up already.

7. Click Backup. If you see an evilness communication saying cannot gain IMAP folders it is because your All Communication folder is useable. In this human you present penury to unhide the folder before you start the duplication.

8. When you see the communication "Occurrence duplicate of account…", the support is realized.

To return your emails from a championship study these steps:

1. Signal Gmail Voice. Gmail Duplication remembers your Gmail login and the study of the finish approving record.

2. Preserve your watchword. Swear that the personage of the voice line is reverse.

3. Plosive Rejuvenate.

You module get a communication: "End of restoring account…" This implementation the refund is whole.


You can accomplish a Backup from one Gmail statement and regenerate to added Gmail story. This can be multipurpose if you essential to prove the refund duty or if you impoverishment to propose emails from one Gmail statement to another Gmail account.




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